A few words about us

Grave Discover Owners, Austin Scott and Kim Gehling
What's Grave Discover Software?

Welcome to Grave Discover Software - a user-friendly web based cemetery management system that allows cemetery managers to maintain their burial information and plot locations within their cemetery.

Not only does this software give you back office data management, but italso allows you to grant the public access to this data along with a searchable map of your cemetery.

Why Grave Discover Software?

Grave Discover Software was born out of an experience Austin Scott, one of the founders, had during a visit to a cemetery in Southwest Iowa. Even though this cemetery was relatively small, finding the location of the burial he was looking for took over an hour.

During his visit he used his smartphone to do a number of Internet searches and looked at the City website who managed this particular cemetery. During his research, he didn't "discover" any grave information.

Past Experience To A Great Software

Austin has had years of experience in developing web-based websites and content management database systems. With his background he wanted to develop a great application for cemetery managers to manage their data and give the public access to search this data. He knew if the cemetery he visited utilized this type of system this would have benefited him and others who have had the same type of experience.

During the development, he teamed with Kim Gehling, one of his long-time business partners who has extensive experience in usability testing and analysis. Together they could build a great coding structure, but make the system as user-friendly as possible for both cemetery managers and the public searching the data.

Moving Ahead Of The Pack

The team at Grave Discover Software are continuously listening to cemetery managers to integrate new features and make this the best cemetery management software on the market.

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What we offer


Our software is hosted on a cloud based system with tons of redundancy. This means your cemetery data is backed up over and over again. With our great infrastructure your cemetery data will be accessible 24/7/365.

A User-Friendly Experience

Having a founder with years of usability experience along with a masters degree in computer and human interaction you know you're getting a usability first software. We put our software through frequent usability tests to ensure a great experience for our clients.

Superior Customer Service

We pride ourselves on offering a great customer service experience before and after the sale of our software. We listen to the needs of our clients and are always looking to anticipate their needs and give them solutions before they ask.

Have more questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or contact us.