Our sales and support team have an easy and efficient way to provide you cemetery software pricing for Grave Discover Software. No matter if your cemetery is on a completely paper-based system, or are using another software, we can provide you with an accurate quote. After reviewing a customized software demo based on your needs, our sales and support team will request the following information from you to give you your software quote:

  1. Cemetery name(s)
  2. Cemetery location(s)
  3. Estimated number of graves
  4. What type of mapping do you have currently (if any)?
  5. Where is the cemetery burial information stored currently?

If you’re unsure of the total number of graves or are still in the process of discovering if any old maps exist, we can still give you a quote to get you started using Grave Discover. Contact us today, and one of our sales and support team members are ready to give you a live demo and quote for Grave Discover Software.


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