Cemetery Software for Cemetery Record Keeping, Mapping and and More!

Cemeteries contain decades and sometimes centuries of historical information documenting beloved people; maintaining accurate records is essential. The data must be secure and organized. Grave Discover cemetery software allows cemeteries to both keep records organized and store and backup their data within reliable cloud servers.

Grave Discover software has the ability to digitize all your cemetery records into an easy to use and organized inventory. Our cemetery software has great database management features to allow you to manage burials, occupants, plot owners, deeds, grave types, grave locations, headstone images, and more. The management screens have been through vigorous usability tests to ensure that our customers can quickly and easily update their cemetery and grave information.

All of this information is stored on our reliable cloud-based servers that are backed up daily. Unlike many desktop software solutions, your data backups are not dependent on your own computer environment. Your data will be secure, online, and guaranteed.

Grave Mapping & Data Management

Cemetery Mapping and Data Management oftwareGrave Discover’s interactive cemetery map will allow any public user with an Internet connection to search burials, graves for sale, and more. The mapping feature allows users to search grave occupant information by name, date of birth, date of burial, date of death, type of veteran, and more. This feature typically eliminates the need for cemetery staff to be contacted to conduct manual mapping or tours upon request. Information is easy to find on the Internet and printer friendly!

The cemetery mapping feature is also a great addition to the administrative site. It offers a point and click latitude and longitude assignment of each headstone and the capability to mark spaces to be designated as for sale or reserved.

Grave Discover’s interactive map can be viewed in four different ways. The satellite view allows the cemetery to be seen as an overhead satellite image. The detail view allows a line drawing or lot map to be placed over the satellite image for more accuracy in viewing. The map view is helpful for those looking for directions to a certain area or to get oriented with the cemetery layout. Lastly, the list data allows both the public and administrators to view the grave information and sort and print lists of data. Grave Discover offers these great mapping features as part of our customer’s software plans.

Web Based & Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly SoftwareGrave Discover software is fully responsive and mobile friendly to accommodate those wishing to access it using any type of tablets or smartphones. This functionality allows the site to automatically resize to fit the screen size and allows site users or administrators to easily view and interact with the site no matter what device they are using.

This feature allows cemetery visitors to use their mobile devices to pull up the software on the Internet through a custom cemetery URL to find the grave they are seeking while at the cemetery. It is a great tool for cemetery visitors on site, as well as those planning a trip to the cemetery.

More Incredible Features

Grave Data Management

Record grave information including burials, owners, deceased, and grave reservation information.

Grave Mapping

With the power of Google Maps, Grave Discover software allows everyone to find grave locations using a variety of mapping and satellite imagery.

Image & Document Management

Upload and store headstone images, obituaries, deeds, and any other type of documents you need to store.

Scheduled Data Backups

Have the confidence your information is stored and backed up on our reliable cloud-based servers. We backup all the cemeteries daily into the cloud.

Custom Data Management

As the cemetery manager you can store a variety of information including occupant name, veteran branch, date of birth, date of death and burial date.

24/7/365 Searchable Database

Search the cemetery any time and any where from any device with just an Internet connection.

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