Headstone Image Software Features

Headstone image in softwareOne of the great features of Grave Discover Software is its headstone image capabilities. Every burial or space in your cemetery allows for one or multiple headstone images to be uploaded. When a person does a search for a specific burial or space, they have access to view, download, and print any images the cemetery manager has uploaded.

Uploading headstone images into the software is simple and easy. Choose from images right on your computer or mobile device and upload each image through a secure administrative portal. The software will auto resize and reformat your image for quick and easy downloading for people browsing your cemetery. This means no need for photo editing software or learning how to format your image file sizes.

Our research has shown that thousands of Internet searches are done each month looking for headstone images. The headstone image software capabilities of Grave Discover Software is a great feature people searching your cemetery will love.

Headstone Image Features

  • Upload multiple headstone images for each burial
  • Front end headstone images in light box popup
  • Front end headstone image printing